Chat Notes
Chat Notes
Save and manage private notes in LiveChat threads, enhancing customer service efficiency.
$2 / mo, per agent
Developed by Sikora Works
Works with   LiveChat

The Chat Notes app is a transformative tool designed for customer service agents using the LiveChat platform. It allows agents to seamlessly save private notes within chat threads, a feature that greatly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions. These notes are stored per chat in both the Chats and Archives sections, creating a comprehensive knowledge base about each customer.

By utilizing the Chat Notes app, agents can quickly refer to previous notes, add new information, or delete outdated notes, fostering a collaborative and informed customer service environment. The real-time note-adding feature is particularly beneficial, enabling agents to record crucial information during a chat without interrupting the flow of the conversation. This leads to faster resolution times and significantly improves customer satisfaction.

Another remarkable feature is the ability to access historical notes. Agents can review past conversations and notes left by teammates, ensuring they are well-prepared for each interaction. This historical insight is invaluable in providing personalized and efficient customer service.

Data management and organization are also streamlined with the Chat Notes app. Agents can export notes to a CSV file for specific date ranges or individual chats, enhancing reporting and analytics capabilities. Additionally, the chat tagging feature allows for easy identification and retrieval of important conversations, an essential tool for managing large volumes of chats.

Key Features

Add note about the customer case during the chat
This feature helps agent to dig into customer case faster and resolve it in the blink of an eye!
Read previous notes about the customer in the archives
Check conversations with your customer and see if there are any notes left by your teammates!
Export notes
Export all notes to CSV file for a specified date range or just export it for a single chat.
Tag chat
You can enable tagging your chats when a note is saved.


All in one!
Save notes from all conversations with customer in one place, without leaving the LiveChat application!
Try it for free
You can install this app for free! Price after the trial: $2/month

Tutorial & Support

App tutorial and setup instructions how to use and properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.
To get help and support contact Sikora Works. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Chat Notes.
The developer Sikora Works indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of user data. You can learn more in the app’s Privacy Policy.
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