Turn visitors into paying customers with apps

Integrate with ecommerce apps to improve the buying process for your customers.

Customer purchasing apps

Grow business on your own terms. With well selected apps.

All you need to create great customer service in one place.

Spot visitors in real-time and engage them into chat

With Shopify and BigCommerce, you have a history of purchases and a real-time view of customers’ carts. It allows your agents to target your customers’ exact needs, and manage all the transactions via LiveChat.

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Engage website visitors into chat and improve sales.

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Turn store visitors into clients and increase customer satisfaction.

Manage all communication from one place

Offer support across all digital channels and manage it from LiveChat. Connect with the most popular messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business. Let customers switch between the channels to continue the conversation while you delight them with smooth support.

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Facebook Messenger

Integrate your LiveChat with Facebook Messenger and have your Facebook and website communication in one place - for free.

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WhatsApp Business

Manage your chats with WhatsApp customers in the LiveChat app

Turn LiveChat into a Marketing Channel

Looking to expand your audience and increase reach for your email promotions, webinars, and newsletters? Don’t let those valuable conversations end after chat. With the Mailchimp integration, turn every website visitor into an email marketing opportunity.

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Convert leads into customers by sending personalized marketing after the chat

Personalize communication and nurture leads

With HubSpot and Pipedrive, you have detailed information about customers within reach. Use it during a chat to offer personalized customer service and delight your customers.

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Manage your HubSpot CRM contacts while chatting with customers.

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Manage your Personas straight from the chat.

Or maybe build your own app?

Yeah, we can do it together.

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