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ChatBot Academy Teaches Users how to Create Chatbots Without Coding for free

Jul 22, 2022

ChatBot, a platform provider for designing chatbots without coding, announced the launch of its Academy. The video learning platform led by industry experts aims to make users professional chatbot designers. It’s dedicated both to beginners and more advanced users who would like to either become chatbot designers or start using bots in their business. There is no need to have experience in AI or coding to join the Academy.

The learning sessions provide knowledge about the effective creation of chatbots that will automate parts of communication with clients or some business operations, e.g. product showcasing or lead generation. The Academy can serve as a learning tool that supports a company from any industry in its digital transformation. The course consists of theoretical lectures and practical videos. All the material guides learners through the process of building a fully-working chatbot from A to Z with no coding.

The Academy’s subject area covers various bot scenarios and emphasizes different parts of their building process, including:

  • The design thinking method for chatbots.
  • The building blocks of chatbots.
  • How to choose a channel for your chatbot.
  • How to build a chatbot without coding.
  • How to add a chatbot to your website.
  • How to create a chatbot personality.
  • How to collect data with chatbots.

Each lesson is enriched with industry insights, expert tips, and examples of successful chatbot strategies from brands like Toyota. Users also get recommendations for additional reading resources that will broaden their knowledge. The video sessions are hosted by experts in almost every field of the chatbot building process, starting from conversation design to product content creation. For now, users have access to eleven learning sessions with new Academy courses on the way.

By launching the Academy, we didn’t want to show users only the ChatBot platform in action but, above all, explain how to create chatbots that will resonate with customers. We split the course into two parts. The theoretical part is based on conversational marketing in general while the practical one mainly focuses on using our software. Thanks to this, we can leverage the Academy as a part of the onboarding process for our clients. At the same time, the materials serve as an interactive information resource for the whole chatbot creators community

Dariusz Zabrzeński, Head of ChatBot

ChatBot is an all-in-one platform to build and launch conversational chatbots without coding. It assists business owners in the design process by providing templates and an easy-to-use visual builder that gives users the freedom to create bot scenarios for any business situation. ChatBot can be integrated with selected marketing analytics and growth tools.

Together with HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, and LiveChat, the tool is a part of the LiveChat company's suite of software solutions for managing business communication and removing communication barriers that stand in the way of online customer-business interactions.

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