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We help brands provide better customer service at scale by analyzing, enriching, and automating text communication.

1Yesterday — Manual customer service

In the old days, customer service was manual labor. Customer service representatives handled cases manually, spending hours on repetitive tasks.

Yesterday — Manual Service

Brands hired more agents, managers, and supervisors to scale their customer service. It was costly, prone to human error, and, worst of all, degrading to customer experience.

Those days are gone and that chapter is now closed.

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2Today — Assisted customer service

We're in the world of assisted work. Customer service representatives automate repetitive parts of their job. The products they use grow in intelligence with every customer case solved.

Today — Assisted Service

Businesses equipped with AI-powered technology provide quality support faster, cheaper, and at a bigger scale. AI assistance allows for an exceptional customer experience.

A second brain in assistance for brands

Data processed in LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, and OpenWidget fuels artificial intelligence. Data is the backbone of all of our products. We transform it into a second brain for customer service teams.

Second Brain

With each new bit of data, the second brain gets smarter, capable of providing actionable insights and taking over more responsibilities. For the users of our products, the second brain enables superpowers:

  • Instant expertise—Access to verified information without the need for endless onboardings, training, and catch-ups
  • Unlimited capacity—Handle 10x more customer chats, tickets, and inquiries without breaking a sweat
  • Prediction—Foresee the customer's next request and anticipate their needs on-the-fly

Second brain has its public interface at api.text.com and it's implemented in all of our products. As a result:

  • Our products come preconfigured and work right out of the box
    e.g., pre-filled help center, preconfigured chatbot scenarios
  • Our products automate the most repetitive tasks
    e.g., chat categorization, spam filtering, shift management
  • Our products proactively assist users and end-users
    e.g., automatic replies, sentiment analysis, purchase suggestions

The above is a promise to our customers—our mantra.

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What if your chatbot could build itself automatically?

See ChatBot's vision and understand our approach towards truly automated business communication.

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Darek Zabrzenski, Head of ChatBotDarek Zabrzeński,
Head of ChatBot

3Tomorrow — Automated customer service

Tomorrow, customer service relations will be fully automated. Customer service representatives will transition from manual workers to experts and supervisors overseeing automation.

Tomorrow — Automated Service

Customer service will scale limitlessly and increase in quality. Customers will experience flawless, instant support at any given moment.

The future is bright!