We build text-based products


Backend Developer


  • We’re part of the Text Platform. Our vision is to allow creators to build independent products using tools we create for them. We want to offer a variety of APIs they can base their products on.

  • We’re the people behind Text Developer Program. We create tools for software developers who want to sell apps on our Marketplace. We help them build and monetize their applications. Some tools include: app monitoring services, or monetization and distribution services.

  • Our team consists of 2 frontend developers, a designer, QA engineer, and Product Manager - Ola.

  • You’ll be the only backend developer in your team, but you won’t be alone! You’ll cooperate closely with Olek and Paweł – Golang developers from a sister team, Platform Monetization.

We’re proud of our integrations with GitHub, Netlify, and Vercel, which you can use after logging in to Developer Console.

We’ve also released a monitoring service for applications on our Marketplace. Developer can monitor and analyze the uptime of their apps and troubleshoot if necessary.

Our way of working is inspired by ShapeUp, although we don’t follow it religiously. It might sound like a cliche, but we do try to be agile – we believe that better is done than perfect. We want to maximize our learning curve by releasing often, collecting feedback, and reiterating.


  • Maintaining our main Golang service, which is the engine of the Developer Console and the whole Developer Program ecosystem.

  • Extending a brand new Golang service – Text Platform Dashboard.

  • Migrating suboptimal functionalities from the main service to the new service (Dashboard) to improve efficiency and developer experience.

  • Taking ownership and leading technical projects from start to finish (from gathering requirements to shipping).

  • Participating in team meetings - which we don’t have many, but occasionally, we meet to brainstorm new feature ideas and shape projects.

  • Closely collaborating with two frontend developers from your team, the QA engineer who writes backend tests, and other backend developers who work in other Platform teams.


  • Experience in Go,which will allow you to work on a scalable product with a large number of concurrent computing.

  • Experience with MySQL databases, ElasticSearch is a plus.

  • You’ve built and exposed RESTful APIs. Familiarity with gRPC is a plus.

  • Curiosity and strong problem solving skills. You’ll need to delve into a quite complex system.

  • Readiness to take ownership. You will be responsible for backend services in our team, which means you’ll get to decide how we do things regarding our backend. It'll require your professional expertise and decisiveness.

  • Can-do attitude, willingness to innovate and to explore uncharted waters. Challenges don’t discourage you. You proactively look for solutions rather than complain about the complexity of a project.

  • Great communication skills. We’re an interdisciplinary team. Your teammates will be professionals of various crafts, and you’ll have to find a common language with them.


We don’t want you to worry about all the basic benefits - like a Multisport card, private health care, or a home office equipment budget.

What we really want you to feel and what we believe in is that the real benefits come from the culture we’ve built.

With unlimited paid days off and sick days policy, a remote-friendly environment focused on outcomes instead of worked hours, and people dedicated to their work, you’ll find a workplace where you can thrive.

And here’s the icing on the cake: you’ll have the opportunity to work with the makers behind all Text products: LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, OpenWidget.

Are you feeling like this might be a great place to consider working for? We feel it too ;) Join us and apply.