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Text ProductsRoadmap

Text automates repetitive customer service tasks. This roadmap highlights our key bets and ongoing work.

Our key bets

Chatbots that exceed expectations

Chatbots that exceed expectationsChatbots that exceed expectations

We aim for a chatbot experience so your customers will ask for a transfer when talking with a real agent.

To achieve this, we're increasing the context window of Text chatbots to include all previous chats, tickets, and website interactions.

With such a broad context, the Text in-house LLM will provide instant responses based on thousands of past chats and tickets.

Instant fact-finding

Instant fact-findingInstant fact-finding

Everyone on your team is an expert from day one.

Your know-hows, websites, and all internal knowledge documents (company wikis, PDFs) are combined into a single source of truth.

All previous interactions with Text products become a wellspring of knowledge about your customers and their experiences, and needs.

Service efficiency with copilot

Service excellence copilotService excellence copilot

We'll double your efficiency by teaming you up with One, your copilot who knows about your customers. One provides you ready-to-use responses, chat summaries, and proactive sales assistance.

One finds growth opportunities and gives you an action plan for turning your customer service into a competitive advantage. Challenge your team performance by chatting with One, who knows recent trends in your data.

A single widget that customers love

Widget customers loveWidget customers love

The first widget that customers want to click on.

All Text products rely on a single Text Widget. It looks, feels, and works for every use case. Install it once to collect leads, engage visitors, and welcome returning customers. Offer premium chatting experience with bots and human agents.

A single interface for all Text products

Single interface for all Text productsSingle interface for all Text products

We'll bring one familiar interface to all Text products and ensure it's performant and reliable across every device

Coming in Q3 2024

  • Message box autosuggest with canned responses in LiveChat
  • New LiveChat campaign templates organized by use cases
  • New placement of the One copilot to bring contextual assistance
  • Upgraded in-house AI model in ChatBot for better end-user experience
  • Upgraded RAG system in ChatBot for better fact-finding
  • Common knowledge scraper in all Text Products for improved knowledge management
  • Shopify integration for HelpDesk with customer details and ticket management
  • HelpDesk with KnowledgeBase integration to provide facts during ticket resolution
  • Advanced Automatic Assignment to triage tickets based on predefined criteria
  • Agent performance reports in HelpDesk for detailed insights on team performance
  • Upgraded chat widget interactions for better end-user experience
  • Chat widget WCAG 2.2 compliance to meet the most demanding experience criteria
  • Central team and company profile management for all Text Products
  • Common user interface across LiveChat, ChatBot, and HelpDesk
  • Common snippet code and widget for LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and OpenWidget

Our commitment

We are committed to helping you grow.

We fight for every inch in terms of design and engineering. Reliability and 24/7 support are our trademarks. We put customers first.

— Product Leaders @ Text