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LiveChat adds SMS integration to its customer service platform

Jul 22, 2020

LiveChat Software, a provider of a SaaS-based suite of products for managing business communication, now allows brands to send and receive text messages while contacting their customers through its chat software. The new solution combines LiveChat’s technology with the features of Twilio.

Although people have different preferences when it comes to communication with businesses, the trend for using messaging platforms within customer service has increased over recent years. In addition to popular applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, consumers also want to be able to use native texting apps, which are already installed on their smartphones. With the LiveChat/Twilio SMS integration, companies are now able to meet that demand and let people message them and receive answers.

The new feature is available for all businesses that are using the LiveChat application in Business and Enterprise plans. To get this channel up and running, a LiveChat user needs to create an account in the Twilio platform and then integrate the software with just a few clicks. A company can use any eligible business phone number to create its account. If it decides to use multiple phone numbers and assigns them to groups of agents being responsible for a given kind of customer question, the received text messages will be routed to these groups. This makes the process of responding and answering questions quicker and more efficient. All text messages queries are managed in the LiveChat platform, so support agents don’t need to learn a new interface.

At LiveChat, we aspire to remove communication barriers between customers and businesses. We keep extending the functionalities of our products by adding more communication channels so that companies can meet their customers’ expectations. By having more possible ways to reach a business, people have more control over their communication.

Karolina Popów, CPO at LiveChat

The LiveChat application is already used by more than 30,000 businesses. The platform’s broad offering of communication channels includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Slack, Google Hangouts Meet, and now, Twilio SMS. These channels, along with all of the other 170 integrations from different categories, are available in the Marketplace for all of LiveChat’s customers. They give businesses the ability to customize the chat based on their own service manuals and customer communication guidelines. By opening up the product for third-party solutions, LiveChat allows its customers to create foundations for personalized interactions with end-users.

More information about this feature can be found here: https://www.livechat.com/marketplace/apps/twilio/

Boston, Massachusetts – July 22, 2020

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