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LiveChat launches Users in ChatBot

Mar 14, 2018

After six months of the beta version, BotEngine’s features portfolio has expanded to include rich messages, two types of matching system and API documentation. LiveChat has announced that it is still working to create the most comprehensive product of all chatbot factories.

The beta version of BotEngine was launched in June the previous year. During the beta tests the creators recorded nearly half a million bot conversations. Thanks to users’ activity, the company was able to fully test the platform and further optimize its dashboard. What’s more, some essential features have been added and the company has announced that they’re going to develop the product even more quickly.

From the very beginning, our main goal for BotEngine is to develop the simplest process of creating conversational interfaces.

Mariusz Cieply, CEO of LiveChat

This is why BotEngine is focused on no-coding, one-click integrations and the freedom to create scenarios for any business situation. Thanks to the platform, almost every business can implement bots in communications with customers. A user is able to write a bot scenario on their own or use ready-to-implement templates (which is particularly interesting for non tech-savvy companies).

One of the most crucial new features added during the beta phase is rich messages. They allow for the creation of conversational scenarios in which bots are able to reply with text, images, cards or buttons that lead to a specific website. Users can also add action responses such as ‘transfer’ or ‘to go’ which make story planning easier and more efficient.

While creating a bot scenario, a user can choose one of two offered matching systems. The first solution is based on Machine Learning. During a conversation with a bot, a customer’s message is analyzed by an advanced NLP mechanism to make the conversation with bots more natural. The second solution is keywords. While chatting with users, the system is looking for the specific keywords in the user input.

If some BotEngine users want to go crazy with their chatbots, they can use the provided documentation. The use of the BotEngine API makes it possible to prepare bots to take virtually any needed action.

BotEngine can be used with Facebook Messenger, LiveChat, chat.io, Slack and also as a chat widget on a website. One click is all it takes to implement chatbots in these platforms.

We plan to implement even more integrations to make BotEngine the most comprehensive of all chatbot factories.

Mariusz Cieply, CEO of LiveChat

Users who don’t wish to miss the party can join a public Facebook group called BotEngine.ai – Chatbots Community, where the company’s experts answer all users’ questions. The BotEngine creators are also running a Help Centre with Q&A, concerning conversational AI (https://www.botengine.ai/help). The company also offers personal support for those users who need help.

BotEngine users are billed for the package which costs $50 for 1000 conversations per month and also includes all platform features, the ability to create an unlimited number of bot scenarios, a chat widget and our personal help. After a user reaches the 1000 conversation limit, the charge is $0.01 per conversation.

Boston, MA – 14 March 2018

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