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LiveChat Is Removing Online Communication Barriers by Working with Developers on a ‘Chat-to-Voice’ Integration.

Sep 16, 2020

LiveChat Software, the company behind many products for customer service, allows creators to build new integrations in the Developer Program. These integrations help businesses meet the specific needs of their customers. Businesses using LiveChat can now integrate the app with SnapCall. This makes it possible for people to call from the chat window by simply clicking on the message provided by a support agent.

The LiveChat Marketplace, where all LiveChat users can get applications and integrations from, is evolving quickly. More developers are building new apps within the LiveChat software. After working closely with the SnapCall team, LiveChat launched their first integration for web-based calls.

More integrations for communication channels have recently been launched in order to give businesses new options to offer their customers. Companies using LiveChat asked about a “chat-to-phone” escalation feature. After a successful launch of integrations with Apple Business Chat in April, and more recently with Twilio, LiveChat has now partnered with SnapCall.

Businesses can now add an option to communicate with their customers through voice within the chat window without offering phone support for the entire customer base. The SnapCall integration allows support agents to call customers directly from the chat or give them the option to call by sending them a call widget. With the phone number hidden, companies don’t risk a customer saving it and trying to call later or sharing it with someone else. Also, there is no need for different numbers for different countries because people can call a company from anywhere in the world.

We offer a spectrum of communication integrations as we want to expand the functionality of our products and help businesses meet the needs of their customers. We focus on popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and we also recognize the importance of the core tools of digital communication, such as text messages and phone calls. In the end, it’s our responsibility to help end users gain control over their communication with companies.

Karolina Popów, Chief Product Officer at LiveChat Software

The SnapCall team joined the LiveChat Developer Program. Developers have many building possibilities because LiveChat provides data, insights, and reports. This information is based on what LiveChat customers currently need as well as required documentation and APIs.

Developing the SnapCall app for LiveChat was a bit challenging because voice is a really special experience. We’ve experienced a couple of issues directly related to the particularity of the voice channel. For example, to provide the possibility for an agent to launch a call and pick it up for a customer, the SnapCall app needs to get microphone usage permission from the user’s browser. The functionality that allows SnapCall to ask for microphone authorization was not available in LiveChat before, as there was no need for it. However, the LiveChat Product team updated their environment really quickly to let us request the microphone usage.

Julien Ballanger, developer at SnapCall

LiveChat is used by over 30k businesses from 150 countries. With the LiveChat Developer Platform, developers who build new apps can distribute them around the globe through the LiveChat Marketplace to all LiveChat users. This helps them generate revenue. Teamwork also helps in building the apps because the LiveChat Developer Program team offers full support to developers throughout the process. After the app is built, LiveChat helps promote it.

LiveChat found that developers using LiveChat’s Developer Platform can create a solid revenue stream with apps that make online communication easier. A recent case study showed that Marketplace campaigns can triple sales and that there is a lot of interest in online communication integrations.

We realize that businesses use our products in completely different ways and merge them with other apps. By creating an ecosystem around our platform, we make it easier for companies to find suitable apps. We make a place for developers to create, cooperate with us, and distribute their innovative ideas to shape business communication and the messaging market together. We’re partnering with other Independent Software Vendors to develop the best solutions for our customers by embracing the growth of our products when combined with various apps.

Filip Jaskólski, Platform Manager at LiveChat Software

The LiveChat Developer Platform is created by the LiveChat team who has 18 years of experience in the ecosystem of businesses, partners, and developers. The platform brings together all of the products in order to open them up for external developers and software companies. LiveChat’s main focus is to encourage tech companies, developers, and partners to find their niche and start building their own solutions. With more communication products, such as SnapCall, available in the Marketplace, the LiveChat team aspires to overcome online communication barriers and challenges.

Boston, Massachusetts – September 16, 2020

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