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LiveChat launches Users in ChatBot

Jun 10, 2019

LiveChat, a company behind a chat application for customer service and online sales, announces today a new feature in its framework for creating chatbots. ChatBot, the second product in the company’s portfolio, now allows its users to collect customized data about visitors who have been chatting with their bots on websites or Facebook.

Thanks to this, ChatBot’s customers are able to use chatbots not only to communicate with website visitors but also provide businesses with the data they need to improve their customer experience and fulfill the company’s other marketing goals.

The Users feature is an important step in ChatBot’s development process as it helps us to present chatbots’ marketing capabilities clearly. With ChatBot, we’re aiming at chatbots that are able to fulfill many of a company’s needs rather than bots that are only another communication channel, answering the most frequent of customers’ queries.

Dariusz Zabrzenski, Head of ChatBot’s team

How does it work?

ChatBot’s users can define which visitor’s data should be collected by implementing ready-to-use or custom Attributes in the bot’s scenario (e.g. ‘name’, ‘e-mail address’, ‘city’). With this ability, chatbots are becoming an alternative to lead forms as they gather needed information in a more conversational way.

All gathered data is visible as a list in the dedicated ChatBot “Users” section. Users can customize the main view of the list by adding columns, e.g. email, name, or city, to have the most essential information about the visitors handy and to prioritize it based on their goals. If a visitor comes back to the chat and is recognized by a bot, the information about him will be updated in the visitor’s card automatically.

The list of visitors’ data can be filtered to select groups that fulfill some given criteria. For example, a user can filter a list of the visitors that signed up to a company’s newsletter, and who are located in NYC. The chosen groups can be then organized into separate segments that allow companies to create mailing lists, prepare databases or utilize the gathered data for specific sales or other marketing purposes.

What is ChatBot in detail?

ChatBot is a framework launched by LiveChat in 2017. The tool is already used by Adidas, Boston University, and Kayak, among others.

The application allows a company to use chatbots in its communication strategy even if it is not a tech-savvy business. ChatBot offers its users a drag and drop interface to create bots. They also have access to the Academy section that explains the more difficult aspects of bots creation.

ChatBot offers two matching systems that can be used alternately – Machine Learning (which focuses on whole sentences typed by users during a conversation with a bot) and Keywords (which are based mostly on crucial words or expressions). With the power of entities, which recognize the most popular common concepts like emails or phone numbers, chatbots can match inquiries correctly and capture important data (including those more complicated than numbers) as well.

The built-in Training section allows users to review all of the unmatched customer queries that a bot didn’t recognize and add them directly to the scenario without the need to dig into the conversation archives.

Chatbots created within the application can be implemented in Facebook Messenger, Slack, and LiveChat, or as a chat widget.

Boston, MA – June 10, 2019

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