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LiveChat releases its Interactive 2020 Customer Service Report

Feb 13, 2020

LiveChat, one of the leaders in the online business communication space, releases its annual report consisting of the most important metrics in the customer service space. The report was prepared in an interactive form that enables users to customize their dashboards and share observed metrics with others.

The current version of the Report shows metrics from the previous year, however, the company’s plans are bold. All metrics will be updated monthly to give companies access to data which helps them to relate their performance to this of their industry, company size or country.

To prepare the material, the LiveChat team has analyzed data from 23,487 LiveChat customers, representing 30 industries, and 150 countries. In total, 304 million chats were monitored, taking in 27 billion page views.

What’s more, the report was enriched with the comments of product, customer support and marketing experts. Professionals from HubSpot, GetResponse, Unbounce, Keap, among others, shared their opinions about the state of business communication in the field of customer service and technology.

The current state of live chat shows that companies understand the high importance of this tool in their communication processes. A business chat application is a key engagement channel and an integral part of any business’s digital strategy. It helps to fulfill expectations of convenient, fast and meaningful service. Yet, simply having the tool implemented on a website is not enough to improve customer experience. As Tyrone Lingley, Director of Partnerships at Unbounce, emphasizes, nowadays companies need to devote more time to match the tool to the tone and voice of their brand and make sure that the chat playbook is strategic, and people are getting the help they need.

In the last year, an average company using LiveChat experienced 1079 chats monthly, achieving an 80.9 percent customer satisfaction rate. This was a slide of 1.37 percent from 2018, and the third year in a row in which this rate decreased. In 2019, companies improved their first response time by 3 seconds, resulting in an average of 45 seconds.

According to the report, the average time a company was available on LiveChat per day was 12 hours 46 minutes. Because it is expected that a business will be on chats 24/7 (after all, the tool is called LiveChat), many companies have decided to launch chatbots in their support processes.

Chatbots and automatization have both produced a windfall of new opportunities for companies to engage, convert and support customers at any time. Gartner predicts that “By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis”.(1) Their implementation might work well not only in the enterprise environment but in small and mid-sized companies as well.

Allan Untalan, Director of Customer Support at Keap, pointed out that today’s messaging platforms are taking advantage of informatics tools to trigger not only a simple chatbot, but guided assistance in applications, or on websites to provide assistance without human intervention, even for more complicated setups.

The man vs machine dashboard represents a deeper look at the statics connected to chatbots in LiveChat.

To see the metrics illustrating the changes in chat statistics year to year, look at the infographic.

To learn more about the LiveChat metrics in customer service in 2019, go to https://www.livechat.com/customer-service-report/. To compare personalized metrics, go to LiveChat Benchmark, which shows how a business compares to averages for different industries and locations.


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Boston, Massachusetts – 02/13/2020

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