Captivating Audiences: An Introduction to Text Animation

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Dec 22, 2023
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Have you ever got a random email with bright-colored text moving like a wave or dancing? That's text animation, and you can make it move out of order, side to side, or up and down. You're not limited to one font or color, so you can match it to your brand's typography or colors. 

Text animation can be applied to single words, sentences, and sometimes even paragraphs. The point of using it is to make your emails, website, or any content more engaging and fun. When a new visitor arrives on your website, you have only 10 seconds or less to grab their attention. 

65% of people are visual learners, so it is crucial to recognize the significance of using captivating text animation effects on your webpage. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about text animation. 

The history of kinetic typography (or text animation)

Kinetic type, as a genre, has been around since 1899 when Georges Melies first experimented with it in a basic form. Melies, considered the father of special effects, is known for his innovative work in filmmaking. Unfortunately, much of his work has been lost, and no surviving examples of his early text animation exist.

Kinetic typography became a trend in the 1960s, primarily in movie title sequences. Saul Bass initiated this trend in 1959 with the title sequence for North by Northwest. In this sequence, the animated text appeared to be "flying" in from off-screen before fading into the film. 

Over time, techniques for creating kinetic typography and efforts to categorize the genre have evolved. Barbara Brownie developed one widely accepted classification system. She divided kinetic typography into two main types: motion typography and fluid typography. 

Motion typography is further divided into scrolling typography and dynamic layout. Regarding kinetic typography, the many groups and sub-groups can seem complex. However, these categories are straightforward to identify.

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Benefits of text animation

Using text animation has several benefits. It can improve the overall experience and website performance, and in this section, we will cover the main advantages of your own animation.

Visual engagement

If you want to make your content more appealing and captivating, you can do it with text animations. Using creative text elements, you can create text animations and an interactive experience that will encourage the user to spend more time on our website by capturing the audience's attention.

Highlight information with animated text

By animating specific text elements, you can draw the user's attention by using it to emphasize important information. This is an easy way to ensure your primary message is effectively conveyed. It catches the user's eye and establishes a straightforward way to navigate content. 

Branding with text animation

Anytime you find a way to make your business website more exciting, you should go for it. Designers can infuse creativity and make the website stand out. Using text animations can make you stand out from the competition by creating a distinct brand identity. It will reinforce the brand image and make a lasting impression on those who visit your website. 


User-friendly means any user can figure it out because it's self-intuitive. Everyone has different levels of comprehension, and using text animations can make it easy to navigate. You can use text animation for buttons, links, and menus so that the user can efficiently find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

How text animations help create personalized content and ads

Did you know that according to Stackla, 86% of consumers consider authenticity a crucial factor when deciding which brands to support? Providing personalized content for your audience is essential if you want them to spend their money and remain loyal to your brand in the long run. You need to know your audience. If you need more help learning about your audience, consider language identification

Personalizing your homepage and tailored ads and content can help build stronger customer relationships, increase sales, and grow continuously. Therefore, if customizing content is essential, imagine how crucial it is to incorporate personalization in advertisements.

Choosing the right tools for text animation

There are several excellent tools for creating text animations. Each one has bonus features, but they offer similar features. In this section, you'll see a few options to help get you started. 


Wave.video is an online video creation and editing tool perfect for generating and hosting short promotional content, advertisements, and social media content, among other things. This tool provides a wide range of professional-looking animation effects and stylish fonts to enhance your text animation. Wave.video also includes a built-in stock library of videos, images, and audio tracks that can be used to go along with your text. 


Textanim is a free online editor tool that enables you to create dynamic text animations. This tool is ideal for designing banners or text logos. Although it cannot make your text move, Textanim can give your letters a glowing effect and allow you to choose from various color patterns to create animated text. The output format of the tool is a GIF file.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is one of the most highly recommended tools for text animation. Adobe Express offers a lifetime free plan. If you use the free plan, you will get access to the essential basic editing features, with over 2000 unique Adobe fonts and 1000+ templates, and it includes 2 GB of cloud storage to save all your designs.

Utilizing color and typography in text animation

The color of typography is crucial in ensuring that digital products are readable and provide a good user experience. It's not just about presenting information but also affects user engagement, site statistics, content prioritization, and overall product accessibility. Although it may not always be top of mind, it is essential to consider typography color while designing text animation.

Why color is essential 

Choosing the right color for your typography is crucial when designing digital content. The color you choose can affect the legibility of your text and how easy it is for users to navigate your content. Picking the wrong color can lead to confusion and eye strain and even cause users to lose interest. 

One of the key things to remember when selecting a color for your typography is the level of contrast it has with the background color. Insufficient contrast can make it difficult to read the text, especially in longer pieces. 

However, too much contrast can be harsh on the eyes, leading to discomfort or strain, particularly during extended reading sessions. The objective is to ensure a distinct contrast between the text animation and the background color.

Color psychology

Color not only enhances readability and accessibility but also influences user perceptions and behavior. Different colors can evoke diverse emotions and responses in users. By utilizing the knowledge of color psychology, designers can use typography color to subtly guide user actions, thereby enhancing the overall user experience. 

For example, Microsoft Windows uses red for error messages or alerts. This attracts the user's attention effectively and conveys a sense of urgency or caution. Netflix uses a red logo and header to evoke energy and excitement.

Tips for incorporating brand identity in text animation

It's essential to include the personality and style of your brand in your guidelines, especially when creating materials. However, these guidelines may have been made with print or static media in mind and may need adjustments to work for motion. 

Like your logo, colors, and other graphic elements, your animations should be easily recognizable as part of your brand identity. Motion attracts attention, making it a great way to promote your ads or social media posts. 

You can add motion to your text using text animation, but choose an animation that aligns with your brand's personality. Experiment with different font styles, choices, and animation options until you find the right combination.

Choose your message

It's only necessary to animate every piece of text on your image if your brand's style is about fun chaos. Instead, make the important parts stand out by selectively applying animation. Your animated text generator offers flexibility regarding when and where to use text animation.

Types of text animations

The world of kinetic typography is constantly evolving, making it a versatile tool for those working with text animation. It can be used in many ways, such as the foundation of a creative proposal or video project, or to enhance a narrative. What you choose depends on the story's tone and the amount of information the text conveys. There are various types of text animation to choose from.

Scrolling typography

This refers to any object that moves along a two-dimensional plane, including sideways, upwards, downwards, or even the advancing and receding motion seen in Star Wars.

Creating a smooth and effortlessly elegant vibe can work wonders when you have longer sentences or words in a video. This is achieved by slowing down the video's pace. On the other hand, if you need to add extra energy, a faster and more dynamic movement with some overlap is recommended.

Dynamic layout

In this case, the arrangement of type elements changes in relation to each other. You may observe that letters and words can move away from each other depending on your settings on a flat surface or even in three-dimensional space.

Fluid typography

This type of text animation doesn't require letters to move; instead, they can transform or change shape before the viewer's eyes.

Consider the font styles

This is one place where adding to your brand guidelines can help. If you're using a free text animator, your usual brand fonts might not be available. Even if they are, the thin font you usually use for headlines doesn't have as much impact in motion as a heavier one. It's essential to keep readability in mind when using text animation, even when using decorative fonts.

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Text animation is a technique that brings words and letters to life through movement. It can create visual engagement, highlight essential information, create a distinct brand identity, and improve user-friendliness. Personalized animated content builds stronger customer relationships and increases sales. 

Color choice and typography directly affect text readability, user engagement, and accessibility. Animations should reflect your brand personality and style for a consistent identity. Different types of text animation include scrolling typography, dynamic layout, and fluid typography. Choosing the right tools, incorporating them strategically, and making a memorable experience for your audience is essential.

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