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Creating Effective Communication Strategies – Mistakes, Tips, and Best Practices

Imagine a situation where your employee notices that your website went down during the weekend. However, instead of tagging the dev team on Slack, they sent them an email, which went unnoticed for a long time. This is just one of the scenarios you can avoid with an effective... read more

Guest Author
10 minutes
Nov 24, 2023

Improve Communication Skills for Customer Service

You can upgrade your good customer service to great by speeding up your support. After all, fast communication is one of the most important customer service skills. It’s all about scale. Once you get everything right when talking to one customer, it’s time to do it with six other... read more

13 minutes
Nov 15, 2023

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How to Exceed Customer Expectations using SaaS Tools

Customer experience has evolved into a strong differentiator among businesses of all kinds and functions of today’s age. According to research conducted by Walker Information, customer experience will overshadow price and product as the primary brand differentiator by the year... read more

Guest Author
7 minutes
Nov 12, 2023

How to Successfully Get Started with Email Marketing

Do you remember the time when your parents were checking their mailbox and after opening it - they were flooded with leaflets and advertisements? Same thing happens today in the viral world. We’re swamped in advertisements! You open your Facebook account and see two or three... read more

7 minutes
Nov 9, 2023

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Domain-Specific Text Clustering: Challenges and Solutions

In the realms of data science and machine learning, the technique of text clustering has become indispensable. What is its purpose, and why is it especially crucial in specific fields? This article explores the application of text clustering, examining its fundamental uses, its... read more

13 minutes
Nov 3, 2023

The Difficult Type of Customer: How to Satisfy Their Needs

No matter how extraordinary a service you provide, you will meet difficult customers somewhere along the way. We know something about it. Difficult customers are as inevitable. But as a customer service representative, you know that dealing with angry and difficult customers can... read more

9 minutes
Nov 2, 2023

10 Ways To Improve The Online Customer Experience For Shoppers

There's more competition than ever online as you try to sell your goods. Customers are looking for more than just a utilitarian shopping site, they want an experience. How can you tempt them away from the big companies and over to you? Here are ten ways to improve the online... read more

Guest Author
4 minutes
Oct 24, 2023

Copywriting Done Right: 5 Brilliant Web Copy Examples

The modern-day online user has a short attention span and prefers precise, conversational and scannable writing. To make things even more challenging for marketers, Sumo analyzed 650,000 pageviews and discovered that only 20 percent of visitors finished an article. Another study... read more

10 minutes
Oct 13, 2023