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The Difficult Type of Customer: How to Satisfy Their Needs

No matter how extraordinary a service you provide, you will meet difficult customers somewhere along the way. We know something about it. Difficult customers are as inevitable. But as a customer service representative, you know that dealing with angry and difficult customers can... read more

9 minutes
Nov 2, 2023

10 Ways To Improve Online Customer Experience For Shoppers

There's more competition than ever online as you try to sell your goods. Customers are looking for more than just a utilitarian shopping site, they want an experience. How can you tempt them away from the big companies and over to you? Here are ten ways to improve the online... read more

Aleksandra Tadrzak
4 minutes
Oct 24, 2023

Text Messaging For Ecommerce (+15 Useful SMS Templates)

Did you know that every person in the US receives around 32 text messages per day? In today's digital age, we rely on SMS to inform our family and friends about our plans, share laughter, and navigate our busy lives. Our smartphones are never far from reach, ensuring we... read more

15 minutes
Oct 18, 2023

Copywriting Done Right: 5 Brilliant Web Copy Examples

The modern-day online user has a short attention span and prefers precise, conversational and scannable writing. To make things even more challenging for marketers, Sumo analyzed 650,000 pageviews and discovered that only 20 percent of visitors finished an article. Another study... read more

10 minutes
Oct 13, 2023

Enhancing Customer Experience: Power of Exceptional Service

The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Customer Experience: Unleashing the Power of Exceptional Service Customer experience has become a crucial factor in determining the success of businesses today. With increasing competition and evolving consumer demands, providing an exceptional... read more

14 minutes
Oct 11, 2023

4 Steps to Effective Customer Service Problem Solving with Examples

Recently, I came across a fascinating customer service story involving an American Express cardholder. It all began with a seemingly innocent mistake while making a payment involving a decimal point in the wrong spot, resulting in the customer inadvertently paying thousands of... read more

14 minutes
Oct 4, 2023

11 Effective Ways To Build Customer Trust In your Online Business

Building customer trust is a crucial step towards the success of any online business. And whether you are an established business or a startup, walking the extra mile to gain your customer's trust is worth all the hard work. If you struggle to convert your customers, there... read more

Giedre Sulcinskaite
14 minutes
Oct 2, 2023

What is Instant Messaging & How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Do you remember the first time you’ve held a text conversation with someone online? I certainly do! Even then, I knew that what I was experiencing would change how we communicate forever. But, even in my wildest dreams, I could not imagine how it would affect business. And it... read more

10 minutes
Sep 27, 2023

What Is Relationship Marketing and How Can You Improve It?

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on customer retention and customer satisfaction rather than sales transactions. It differs from other forms of marketing by recognizing the long-term value of building customer loyalty and ensuring that customers are... read more

12 minutes
Sep 19, 2023